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THE LEGACY website stands along with our pictoial tribute page located at YAHOO GROUPS. Created and founded in 2001 by Dawn-Marie Reil shortyly after the tragic and untimely death of the CARS lead vocalist and founding member, Benjamin Orr who succumed to Pancreatic Cancer October 4th 2000. Many people those including friends, family members, former band mates as well as his fans were truly devistated by the loss of such a talanted artist and musician and a wonderful caring human being. THE LEGACY was created to memorialize and honor Mr. Benjamin Orr.

Shortly after its launching Dawn-Marie teamed up with Brian O' Malie who also contributed , material, photographs and storries about Benjamin. The two, now co-founders and "Moving In Stereo" buily a strong friendship and partnership that has endured to this day. Both Dawn-Marie and Brian have very different styles and personalities: but both compliment each other very well. Each shares the same vision, passion for the music and the same values and prnciples when it comes to homoring and respecting Benjamins Legacy, Other groups out there have falled by the way side due to ego's and divisiveness umong its founders and members but THE LEGACY has stoof the test of time and is here to say for you the fans, friends and family of Benjamin Orr.

Dawn-Marie and Brian both have spent an enormous amount of time and personal resources over the years creating both , keeping it alive ad sharing You with their personal knowledge about Benjamin in a manner that is respectful to his legacy and his family. In doing so there are some areas that we CAN NOT comment on. This site is NOT intended as a expose' or tell all biography of Benjamins personal life but a more legacy of Benjamin Orr.

Within this website both Dawn-Marie and Brian withh share their story on how they both started listening to and both following THE CARS and ORR.

Brian has had several oportunities on meeting with Benjamin and taking photographs while with ORR.

Benjamins former manager and best friend David Tedeschi is as well a contributing member to this site as well as our management team, everything you seee here and at Yahoo is approved by him.

Dawn-Marie and David Tedeschi currently live happily in New England and are engaged to be married.

As of December 17th 2013 David Tedeschi unexpectedly passed away. He will br greatly missed by all of us at The Legacy his legacy will live on through us and Benjamin.

Benjamin Orr


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